Quality Systems

Do you need a Quality Management System to be competitive in the marketplace?

Are you worried that implementation will be costly and time-consuming?

We know small businesses face different challenges compared to large companies, such as tighter budgets and time constraints. Whether you are beginning to learn about standards and management systems, or ready to start the implementation process, L2 Business Consulting can help.

Benefits of Management Systems
A management system is a proven framework for managing and continually improving your organization's policies, procedures and processes. Quality management systems reduce costs, enhance your marketability, improve your customer satisfaction, increase productivity, and promote economic growth.
L2 Business Consulting has the solution for organizations interested in implementing, improving and managing their Quality Management System.

Products and Services

  • Development and implementation of Quality Management System, including:
    • Quality System Manual
    • Quality System Procedures
    • Quality Policy
    • Quality/Business Objectives
    • Internal audit
    • Quality cost
    • Selection of third party registrar
  • We will:
    • Act as your organization's Management Representative
    • Conduct periodically required Management Review
    • Provide training to all applicable Quality Management System documentation
    • Facilitate your customers and third party accreditation audits
    • Provide Root Cause analysis
    • Implement Corrective Action plan
    • Verification that your company’s infrastructure and work environment meets applicable requirements
    • Train your selected employees to become internal auditors
  • System development for:
    • Control of documents and records system
    • Control of Approved Supplier List (ASL)
    • Quality Management System planning
    • General review of inputs and outputs
    • Resource management
    • Provision of resources
    • General competence, awareness and training
    • Infrastructure and work environment
    • Planning of product realization
    • Monitoring and Measurement of processes
    • Monitoring and measurement of product
    • Control of monitoring and measuring devices
    • Quality control inspection programs
    • Measurement, analysis and improvement
    • Customer focus/satisfaction
    • Configuration management
    • Control of nonconforming product
    • Monitoring of Quality Cost
    • Control of quality and production stamps
    • Corrective and Preventive action plan
    • Quality System Continual Improvement